Frankie McAvennie has wrote for The Scottish Sun about how raging he was when he saw the Rod Stewart banner unveiled at Celtic Park this month.

The after dinner circuit extraordinaire believes the supporters who follow the club all over the world, raise money for great causes and generally add noise and colour to our games should be banned for daring to call Rod out.

The singer cashes in on the green pound while openly supporting a political party that has condemned this country to harsh times – not that Macca or Rod are feel the effects of it.

If Rod Stewart is within his rights to say what he wants then so are the Green Brigade and to advocate a ban on the group for the banner is a ridiculous stance.

The ex-Celtic player openly admits he’ll get stick for his opinion in his Sun Column but doesn’t care.

“THE so-called Celtic supporters who told Rod Stewart he’s not welcome at Parkhead for being a Tory should have their season tickets removed.

“I might need to swap my Santa hat for a crash helmet, but this needs said.”

Macca is another guy that earns money off the Celtic support but is happy to throw them under the bus when the mainstream media throw him some cash.

I’d rather see Frankie McAvennie cancelled than the Green Brigade banned from Celtic Park.

Perhaps he should stick to talking about West Ham.


  1. McAvennie and Nicholas should just stick to ramming Cocaine into any available orifice. They were better at that than finding the net.

  2. If the Green Brigade get to dictate who is welcome and who is not,then we’re all fucked.
    Is it a caee of “think as we do or piss off” ?
    If that’s allowed to continue,then we ARE ‘A Club Like Every Other’.
    The Green Brigade have gone beyond our Club Mission Statement.
    Never mind chanting “you’re not Rangers anymore” …. We won’t be Celtic anymore .

  3. Wise up FFS! -Its time to open your eyes and see the GB for what they are-a pathetic bunch of attention seekers who claim to be Celtic fans but do nothing but harm the club-your continuing defence of the GB is very tiresome.

    After all the previous offences & fines it amazes me that no one at the club is vetting GB banners for offensive messages/slogans

  4. I think the charity work they do is remarkable as is the atmosphere they are capable of creating on match days however in my opinion, their political leanings are their own and they should not use Celtic Park as a venue to project these leanings nor should they display banners or writings etc or use flares etc that they know will cause Celtic Football Club to be fined regardless if they generate the funds to pay said fines. If they want to vent / articulate certain political beliefs they are certainly able to do so but they should do so on their own time and disassociate themselves from our club when they do so. They should not be allowed to use Celtic Football Club and Celtic Park as their own stage to vent their particular opinions and/or ideology.

  5. Have always been against seperate groups within the support.This has proved to be divisive ,self projecting and harmful to the club and it`s good name.They have brought harm to our club with the real threat of a European ban a distinct possibilty.The fines they have accumulated are monies taken away from our playing budget which could enforce the club and make it stronger.Not the actions of fans of Celtic but actions of people who want to advance themselves at Celtis expense,please go…………

  6. McAvennie is unionist supporting twat! The Tories have caused nothing but hardship for the people of Glasgow & scotland I’m not the biggest fan of the GB but on this occasion their 100% correct.

  7. McAvennie not rite dont care what some of u say on here parkhead has nae atmosphere in ground when they not present too many fans it’s like being in a morgue at times empty seats tae everybody in this life have a rite to their opinions obviously dont excuse us getting fined aw the time not good for celtic football club tbh wi u all if no green brigade parkhead has nae atmosphere

  8. Long live the Green Brigade! 💚
    Down with the Crown!
    Oh and to hell with the Conservative loyalist and unionist party!

  9. McAvennie can spout whatever pish he wants to and the Green Brigade can put up banners protesting against Tories or whoever. It’s called freedom of speech. The last time McAvennie was in my supporters club, a few years ago, he almost got lynched for what he said about Celtic. So he can feck off.

  10. Frank mcavennie does not speak for me as a celtic supporter and season ticket holder Rod Stewart openly congratulated the leader of a party that has seen thousands in poverty leading to food bank drives at celtic park to feed these people the very ethos of why the club was formed. So i know who i would rather listen too

  11. What does Frank’s mother think about this type of right wing nonsense he is spouting? If i was Mrs McAvennie i would cut myself a switch and beat Frank to within an inch of his life for bringing such shame on the family.


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