Two weeks of Steven Gerrard’s men at the top of the league produced this sensational headline from one Shug Keevin’s on Superscoreboard.

The pundit who is known for talking utter tripe and prone to bouts of hyperbelly was at it again on Saturday as he described Rangers as the team to beat and ‘Champions-elect.’

The first game after Gers went top of the table resulted in them falling straight back down to second place after drawing at Hearts 24 hours after Celtic battered Ross County 6-0 at Parkhead.

So after eight titles and managing to get back to the top of the table Celtic are now not just champions but champions elect. I wonder if we’ll hear Hugh tell us that on Monday night when the lines open on SSB.

Celtic had a blistering start to the season and even humbled Gers at Ibrox at the start of September – anyone who had the cheek to say Rangers and ‘Champions Elect’ in the same sentence should be swiftly laughed and pointed at.


  1. Gerrards call….
    SG – Hi Jurgen, it’s Stevie here
    JK – Who
    SG – Stevie Gerrard
    JK – Who
    SG – Stevie Gerrard, I used to play for Liverpool
    JK – Oh did you?
    SG – I just wondered if you could give me some pointers on beating Celtic?
    JK – Try Rafa, or, someone else, i”m busy, Bye


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