We’ve seen more than our fair share of Henrik Larsson photos over the years.

His famous celebrations, amazing goals and triumphs on camera and immortalised forever.

However, Twitter is a funny old thing and today we stumbled across two images of the legendary Celtic striker we’d never seen before.

Mundial posted a young, dreadlock sporting Henrik Larsson in a Umbro jumpsuit getting into a fighter jet!


This image throws up more questions than answers. It appears as if Henrik could have just joined the club at this point.

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Celtic’s kits were made by Umbro at the time the striker got to the club. We’re unsure if this was part of some promotion piece. It could have nothing to do with Celtic and might centre around an international football campaign.

We’re trying to get to the bottom of this but to be honest, seeing a young Henrik jumping into a fighter jet has certainly made my day!


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