BT big mouth Robbie Savage who once played for Leicester was trying to tell his media colleague Chris Sutton, Leicester were a bigger club than Celtic on social media. There’s just one problem with that, in the article which Savage references the CURRENT Leicester boss makes the clear claim, Celtic are a bigger club than Leicester. You have to read the small print, Robbie.

English clubs who hang their hat on the money they earn rather than the trophies they count are a dime a dozen and Leciester are no different.

When you have an ex-player who could not only dream of pulling on a Hoops jersey trying to belittle our club, you can clearly see the insecurity.

“Of course, Leicester is not as a big a club as Celtic. But the challenge here is trying to break into the elite down here. That’s the big challenge.” Rodgers told RecordSport.

Even Rodgers is openly admitting it was the challenge of Leicester and not the size of the club which tempted him down south.

There’s no doubt in any Celtic supporters mind, Brendan is waiting on another move which would see him leave Leicester for a much bigger team. The need to try and belittle Celtic at every turn is proof, not even vast amounts of TV money can shore up insecurity.


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