TALKSPORT pundit Alan Brazil believes that Pocchetino to Real Madrid would pave the way for a Premier League return for Brendan Rodgers.

Zinedine Zidane is believed to be considering his future as his Real Madrid side struggle and the Spurs boss is one of the favourites to replace the Frenchman should he go.

The Talksport pundit believes there could be an opportunity for Rodgers to come back into the Premier League fold.

“Brendan’s credentials are there for all to see. He’d not leave Celtic for any old job, but the top six in England may be attractive to him one day,” said Brazil. “What about Tottenham? If Poch goes to Real Madrid — and I think he would go if Real come chasing — there could be an opportunity.”

Brendan Rodgers is currently chasing a double treble with Celtic and has enjoyed tremendous success in Scotland to date.

The manager is locked in for ten in a row and it would take an almighty offer to take him off course.

While Brazil makes sense, and if the Irishman was to return to England it would be for a big top 4 job – we just can’t see it happening anytime soon.


  1. You need to pay attention Tottenham are top 4 so are Chelsea. Both of these clubs could be just about to lose their managers. I think Chelsea is a more likely destination. He still has connections at celsea and clearly has an affection for the club having worked their before. I think he would jump at the chance to manage Chelsea. Celtic supporters make far too much of Brendans love of Celtic. All I can see is a guy who’s family has Celtic supporters in it and who has an affection for the club. that does not mean he would pass up a job like Chelsea. Challenging for the PL and the CL. Real money to spend. Playing against top clubs at least most of the season. To play at Kilmarnock and Hamilton. Plus he would double his wages. The idea that 10 in a row would somehow trump this is delusional. Remember he did not grow up going to Celtic Park. He ain’t Tommy Burns. He wants back to the EPL and would only go if a top job comes up. Luckily Chelsea are looking at Luis Enrique.

  2. well i disagree with the theory that brendan will leave celtic , money not a prob for brendan , and as far as his passion goes he may not have had the privlage to be at parkhead every week but he has been brought up in a celtic family hence his passion for our club his club , no the thing that will drive brendan away is the SUPPORTERS WHO DO NOT APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE IN THIS MAN, then the good supporters will suffer because of idiots. so no more speculations and roumours about brendan till it comes from the horses mouth .

    • Spot on mate every word you said was the truth true Tim like my self Rodgers is a god what he’s done for Celtic he’s just like big jock hail hail mate

  3. Without a Doubt Brendans Got Celtic in him just like his family members,But there is only so much he can achieve with The HooPs.As much as i and Every other Tim Loves Our Club,The Reality is,If and When Brendans decides he has done at Celtic what he set out to do,He will leave.Nothing is Set in Stone…..So We Arent Sevco,We Are Not Delusional Halfwits.Enjoy the success we have at the Moment and If We Do 10 (Magic)…HH

  4. money is not everything and I don’t think Brendan is short. The English game is not all that the pundits make it out to be if you listen to English sky sports anyway,they will have you brainwashed into thinking its the B and end all of all football.Now if Real Madrid or Barcelona where to come calling there would be reason for concern but why go to clubs were if you have a bad run your scalp will be hanging on their totem pole,and the money is drying up thankfully don’t care who you support nobody can continue spending the way the E P L IS doing so without serious repercusions.

  5. The shelf life of a Chelsea manager is 2 seasons Abramovic tires of managers quickly, their support too is delusional in the extreme they have lofty expectations not matched by statistic. Brendan Rodgers has a job security at Celtic that he would struggle to find elsewhere. Of course I’m not naive enough to think Brendan will be here forever but I do believe he will be here a while yet.The only real worry I have is where Celtic will go once Brendan does go, back to experiments with managers or cheap options


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