Former Ibrox midfielder, Gavin Rae has been gushing in his praise for new Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou.

Rae now resides in Australia and knows just how much a big deal is being made of Ange’s appointment to the biggest job in Scottish football.

In Scotland, the move is being seen as left-field with many having their reservations about the new man coming in.

However, Rae as no such reservations and believes his style of football will win supporters over.

Right now, there are still questions to be answered before next season; who will be his coaches, what players will be staying at Celtic Park and who does he and his scouting team have an eye on to improve the first team squad?

But the appointment of Ange itself is being praised by Gavin Rae:

“I’ve watched his teams over the time I’ve been in Australia and I have always been really impressed.” Rae told SunSport.

“He’s maybe viewed as a bit left-field but I believe he’ll prove to be a good appointment for Celtic.

“He was good with the national team for a few years and his record at his clubs has been terrific.

“He won the A League twice with Brisbane Roar then went to Japan and won the J1 League, which was a real achievement for an Australian coach. He is revered here.

“I’d only been here a few months when they won the Asian Cup in 2015. It was the first time they’d won it and they beat all the big Asian countries like China and the UAE on the way to the final, where they beat South Korea.

“That cemented his place at the pinnacle of coaching here.

“Because of what he’s done in and out of the country, he’s viewed as one of the very best Australia coaches ever — and the Celtic job is regarded as one of the biggest opportunities any Australian coach has had.

“Everyone here loves football and that’s been reflected in the coverage of him going to Celtic in the media here.  It’s big, big news for an Australian coach to get a job in Europe like it. When he was in charge of the national team he was closely scrutinised and his relations with the media were a bit strained towards the end.

“But he has a bit more experience now and will know the magnitude of the job he’s going into.

“Celtic are a massive club and Glasgow’s a goldfish bowl but his style of play will definitely tick a box for them.

“His teams are dynamic and expansive and they’re always attractive to watch. When he’s gone into a club he has transformed the way they play and made them exciting.

“I wish him well and I think Celtic supporters will be really excited by the way he gets the team playing.”

Despite the glowing references from just about anyone who has followed the manager’s career, he still has to convince a lot of Celtic fans he’s the man for the job.

There’s no honeymoon period in this role and the way the Celtic board went about their business this summer means there’s less time to turn things around ahead of next season.

Champions League qualifiers beckon and Ange must be ready.


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