Red Bull Celtic.

Three words put together that probably scare a lot of Celtic fans.

Red bull have got into the football business in a big way over the years and have good success with their structure and formula when it comes to playing the odds.

Red Bull Salzburg, RB Leipzig and New York Red Bulls are part of the energy giants portfolio.

Rumours have been going around of the company getting involved with Celtic as a shirt sponsor. This has only been hearsay with NOTHING substantiated to this point.

Celtic are locked into a deal with Dafabet and have another five years to run on the shirt sponsorship deal.

The massive issue at play for Celtic and Dafabet is the UK governments attempts to marginalise betting companies and squeeze them out of football. The Times writes the end is near for betting organisations being front and centre on football shirts up and down the country.

We have no idea how this would work if Celtic were told to remove Dafabet from their shirt while they’re still deep into a deal with the betting giants.

One person has made a concept kit for Celtic looking at life after Dafabet and played on the rumour surrounding Red bull.

What do we think?

Design by @CustomKC_

I have to say, it does look better than Dafabet!


  1. Just for info but I’ve been a Formula One fan for years and obviously, Red Bull have been a presence in that sport for years. Do they have a great F1 team? Yes, but that team was founded by Jackie Stewart and his son Paul, which they then sold to Ford, who in turn sold it to Red Bull. They took a team which was underachieving, invested enormously and turned it into the leviathan it is now, not only in F1 but in finding young and talented karters and sponsoring them through the junior rankings. Without Red Bull, there would be no Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz jr, Sebstian Vettel, etc.

    The downside? They splash their brand over everything, to the extent it does, I would contend, overwhelm the sporting objective of the teams involved. Their marketing is second to none but it’s all about Red Bull alone. A much more worrying downside would be the political interests of its owner, Dieter Mateschitz, who funds what can only be described as the Austrian equivalent of Breitbart and Fox News. Now, at Celtic we’ve had, as board members, men with appalling links to war crimes and mindless political self-interest and given what’s gone on in Newcastle these past weeks it might seem like weak tea in comparison. However, it’s something for Celtic fans to consider, should it ever arise.

  2. Having lived in Milton Keynes for 13 years have a fondness for Red Bull racing. So this does kind of excite me. Must admit the green/yellow Red Bull logo is pretty good, much prefer it to all the betting companies that seem to be on all football strips now. Must admit the political side of the owner doesn’t sit well with me. Just have to see how this pans out.


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