HARRY REDKNAPP has pointed out the obvious as he patronised the Scottish game by pointing to their lack of funds.

Not news to anyone at Celtic. The former manager speaks about how top six English Premier League stars would not come to Scotland because they couldn’t get near the money they’re on down south.

The former Spurs who once sanctioned a loan move for Robbie Keane to head to Celtic back in the day thinks the only thing Celtic and The Rangers might be able to get is the dregs of the Premier League – if that!

“If you are a top-six player, and you are playing, you are not going to leave a top-six team to come and play in Scotland.” Redknapp told SunSport.

“You couldn’t get near the wages. People are earning crazy money now. Even average players are earning £100,000 a week.

“You talk about the challenge but, without being disrespectful, the challenge is being in Glasgow playing for Rangers or Celtic — but what about the rest of the games?”

We know Harry would have been asked leading questions but the broken record about EPL money versus SPFL money is a conversation that’s been done to death. Should they shine a light on the fact ‘average players’ are now on astranomical wages and dare look at themselves they might not like what they see.

No, we can’t afford to pay players ridiculous amounts of money. Celtic would have to win the SPFL for the next ten years to just match one Champions League group stage payout.

The money isn’t there but Celtic need to box clever and they do a lot of the time. Look at Everton who ploughed lots of money into their side in transfer fees and wages only to be dumped out of the Europa League while Celtic got the knockout stage of the competition.

It’s all about doing the best with what you have and Celtic could be doing better at that in recent years. Too many fringe players on high wages mean we have a bloated squad who don’t want to move on.

Going in and taking a Virgil van Dijk before the EPL get their hands on him has suited Celtic’s approach in prior years. We need to be creative and we need to be a place where young people know they can come and develop. Look at Moussa Dembele, another man who has kicked on after two years at the club. Celtic may not be able to afford 100k wages but we can be competitive if we play our cards right.


  1. Yes but bigger clubs they are not and only through Big TV deals makes them what they are today without TV money they would be back to what they where clubs going nowhere.
    What the Scottish game needs is a better cut of the money from TV deals or form a new League set up for the top teams from other European countries that are not seen in the big tv deals make them come and Pay the big bucks to the top teams from those European countries…..


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