MATT O’RILEY played a really good game against Everton, both he and Reo Hatate helped boss the midfield. Everton couldn’t get near Matt most of the game, but one time when they did, he was subject to a season ending challenge.

Everton defender Isaac Price lunged into the Celtic midfielder, studs up and with force. He connected with Matt and left him on the ground.

Replays showed the severity of the tackle. Had this not been a friendly, you’d have to imagine Price would’ve walked.

Speaking about the challenge, Matt said he got lucky and said the referees explanation not to deal with the incident went over his head.

O’Riley told SunSport: “I got lucky. I’m not even sure he’s booked.

“I think because it was only a friendly the ref didn’t want to give a red card. But it’s a red card every other day.

“It was on my knee. I got a big mark from it.

“I had a word with the referee. He was trying to explain it to me, but I didn’t really understand.

“On another day, I get my leg broken. When I watched it back, I realized I got lucky.”

It was a shocker of a challenge. Despite the game being an exhibition, the referee should’ve acted.

Everton were so negative in their approach to the game. They were scared to attack or be open against a side put together at a fraction of the cost of their own squad.

Matt O’Riley celtic

The game ended 0-0 and the fans inside the stadiums were treated to a overly penalty shootout where Everton won 4-2.

Away from the Celtic tour, Matt received disappointing news earlier this month when he wasn’t called up to the Denmark squad for the World Cup: “I was really disappointed.

“I spoke with the manager and I think I was close. I think it was just a tiny bit soon for me by the sound of it.

He was saying that the lead-up to this World Cup was quite a strange one.

“There weren’t a lot of training sessions before, so to integrate me would have been a bit difficult, so I kind of understood.

“Hopefully, there’s going to be more opportunities for me next year.

“If I keep my form and keep improving, hopefully I’ll be involved.”

The Celtic star has been doing well for the Danish under 21s and has played st the very highest level domestically with Celtic in the Champions League. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before he gets his call-up.


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