There are so many things that go into a transfer nowadays. Some fans think it’s as easy as a telephone call or a fax, however, the amount of people and time involved can make any deal tricky to push through.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you will know that Celtic and specifically the manager Brendan Rodgers has been unrelenting in their pursuit of Scott Sinclair while Aston Villa hold firm.

Another bid went in over the weekend only to be respectfully declined. However, the clubs are getting very close on the figures.

After so many rejections you would assume Celtic would start to look elsewhere, but such is the manager’s desire to see this deal through the club seem to be going above and beyond.

Take away all the technicalities, figures and people involved in the deal and strip it down to its simplest form.

Does the manager want this player? Yes.

Does the player want to join the club? Yes.

Bot of these answers should see this deal concluded at some point unless Villa dig their heels into the point that Celtic’s position becomes untenable.

This is dragging on and on and we can’t blame fans for rolling their eyes every time they see a headline with the players name.

Hopefully there will be white smoke sooner rather than later.

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