JOHN HARTSON has posted a picture of himself and Alan Thompson with the tag line ‘Who remembers Anflield?’

The former Celtic striker and midfielder huddled in for the selfie.

Celtic fans will remember it was both Thommo and Hartson who scored the goals as Celtic went to Anfield and put Liverpool to the sword.

It was during the legendary run to Seville when Thompson scored a free kick, the Liverpool wall jumping and the ball rollingn under their feet past the goalkeeper.

The second goal was magical. From outside the area Hartson blasted into the Anfield net and the away fans went mental.

Celtic weren’t given a chance in the tie much like they weren’t given a chance against Blackburn a few rounds previous.

On both occasions the bhoys prevailed!


  1. I remember the first game too, the whole stadium singing ‘walk on’ wae Gerry Marsden. The ups the downs of the fixture.Then the controvercy of the end. But still that game and the away leg had everything a Paradise Jungle or a Pool Kop could need. Good football, good crowd. All fans all sitting together. And no fuss in either set of stands fae anybody. Even the polis and stewards enjoyed it.

  2. Yet down south they still take the piss….micky mouse league, pub league etc etc.
    I remember way back to the Leeds semi final….English papers didn’t give us a hope in hell.
    We went down to Elland Road and stuffed them 1 nil…with an excellent goal wrongly disallowed.
    Then to Hampden, 136,000 crammed in. Another win 2-1. Beat the English champions home AND away.
    My favourite games were against Blackburn Rovers. Sourness said it would be men against boys. He had to eat his words as we won with chants of Penis Penis ringing around the stadium. Satisfaction indeed.
    And Thomo and big bad John….WE all remember that night.
    A bit of honour restored after we ‘lost’ to Liverpool 2-0 in season 65-66. We battered them in Glasgow but scored only one.
    In Liverpool Bobby buzz bomb Lennox scored a great goal only for the Belgian ref to say offside. It didn’t help him admitting he had been wrong the following day….we should have went through on the away goals rule and played in the final at Hampden.
    Good memories indeed.

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