Just in case you’ve forgotten, the Celtic game is NOT on Sky Sports this evening and if you want to watch Ange Postecoglou’s men take on Ross County legitimately, it will cost you £15 on PPV.

Ross County sent out the reminder and the link to anyone who wants to purchase the event.

Paying for PPV TV is becoming a regular occurrence in Scottish football. Back when our game was covered properly, the Hoops away games would always be on the TV.

Now things are up in the air with fans being put further out of pocket. The Sky deal really isn’t fit for purpose – we should be looking to use and promote our own streaming services in place of Sky in the future. If we promote our game correctly, it can do much better than what we get right now.

The way our game is currently televised costs a lot of cash to the average punter who has to pay for Sky Sports, Premier Sports, BT Sports and regular PPV events to keep up with the games.

It’s why so many have been pushed to go out and look for less legitimate ways to consume football. Something has to be looked at in the long term. We’re being priced out of football.


  1. I will be watching it on IPTV this evening.

    50 euro for the year.

    All Sky Sports, BT Sports, Premier Sports, Eir Sports, Celtic TV, All PPV events and the devil only knows what else is there

    If Celtic FC were to sell a decent / stable stream for all matches played by the club i would be more than happy to pay for this service.

    But Celtic are not doing this so one must look elsewhere.

    That scrotum faced f uckwit Rupert Murdoch will not be getting one thin dime from my pocket, that is something that i can be certain of.

    So we are left with IPTV to fulfil our needs.

    Anyone paying 25 quid a month to Sky has more money than sense.

    Pre loaded Firesticks can be purchased and all you need to do is to put the firestick in the tv and connect it to your wireless network.

    It’s that simple

    The sooner people ditch Sky and send them to the wall, the better off we’ll all be.

    The revolution will be available on IPTV. .. . .. . .

      • So i would be forking out on a stable VPN £100 plus the Celtic TV subscription which is, i dunno? £150 per year i’m guessing? Not likely. If Celtic had a service where i could watch all the matches for £100 per year i’d be more than happy to pay for it. Until they do so, i’ll stick with IPTV.

        Celtic are merely cutting off their noses to spite their own faces.

        How much are they paying IT folk to chase around the internet every time Celtic play shutting down streams? It’s a ridiculous venture. It’s Whack A Mole central, shut down one, another one pops up . .. . .and on and on.

        They have over 50,000 season books sold. They’re losing revenue by not allowing supporters from Ireland and the UK to pay to watch the match. There is no way to get a ticket to go over to watch a match, so therefore the only option is to watch it on the tv, if they are not selling the match as ppv, people will find other alternatives.

    • IPTV is pish. Dropouts are a pain, I’m happy to pay for a decent channel, it’s just a pain having so many different channels to pay for at times. The company that do the home games for Celtic, *Rangers, Hibs, Livingston, do a great job, they should try and cover all the games and be the single channel for Scotland. Fuck Sky and their cherry-picking, same with BT.

      • If you get a good service it’s bang on. I watched the match tonight and it didn’t buffer once. You get some IPTV services for 20/30 quid and they are buffering and fannying about and not worth the hassle. I paid 50 for the service i have from some fella in Derry and it’s never let me down. This fella has a Whatapp’s service and all you do is tell him if something is amiss and he’ll sort it out within a few minutes. The fact he is a Celtic supporter ensures that all the matches will be televised. He has 7 links to Celtic TV.

        I used to use CCams on the old Skybox F5s. Long before IPTV, but they re encrypted all the Sky channels and IPTV was then introduced.

        If you get a good stable service it can’t be beaten.


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