FORMER Celtic player, Charlie Nicholas has touted Brendan Rodgers to be the next Arsenal boss after it was revealed this morning that Arsene Wenger was stepping down at the end of the season.

Within half an hour of the announcement, Nicholas broke out the fake bake and had Brendan Rodgers installed as his number one choice for the vacant position.

“There has been a few in the past that are always linked, but some of them have actually went into a downturn in their career, one was Ronald Koeman until he went to Everton and that didn’t quite work for him.

“Sorry, Celtic fans, I have to say this, but the style of Brendan Rodgers in Scotland has been breathtakingly good. He probably should have won the league with Liverpool so he has the credentials for me.”

Brendan Rodgers used his press conference yesterday to reaffirm his commitment to Celtic and said there is still a lot of work to be done in Glasgow before he moves on.

Arsenal have a massive job replacing their manager of 22 years, like Ferguson leaving Manchester United it’s going to be a hard act to follow – even if Arsene didn’t quite hit the heights of the late 90s/00s in the past ten years.


  1. My understanding of the term rent-a-quote is obviously incorrect. I thought to be rent-a-quote not only did you have to be willing to comment about anything but you had to have a modicum of intelligence and knowledge and at least be semi-articulate. Charlie Nic is half a retard who appears to have a poor understanding and knowledge of football despite having been involved in the game for nearly 40 years. I would be shocked if anyone actively seeks out Charlie’s opinion about anything. You would get as much sense out of him if you asked him about the current political situation in Hungary.

  2. I, like most other people, aren’t interested in what Charlie Nicholas has to say as its usually rubbish and its obviously his connection with both Celtic and Arsenal that has prompted someone to get his opinion which quite honestly no one remotely cares about.


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