CeltsAreHere have known for some time now that ZERO tickets would be handed out to our Glasgow rivals for the new year derby clash.

A Celtic source let us know the club would have no choice but to reciprocate after the Ibrox hierarchy pulled the rug from under Celtic back in August.

Our source also confirmed at the time that Celtic did try to open meaningful dialogue over a full return to away fans inside both Celtic Park and Ibrox going forwards. Those talks were dead on arrival after the stunt in August.

We’ve now seen several mainstream media outlets push the SPFL rule which states all clubs should make reasonable provisions for away supporters to get inside the ground.

This wasn’t something that was enforceable during the implementation of the red zone, however, there’s a chance the SPFL could force Celtic to make tickets available.

SPFL rule I27 reads: “The Home club must make provision for the admission of such reasonable number of visiting supporters at every home League Match and Play-Off Match as may be agreed in advance with the Visiting Club and, in the event of their being unable to agree such number not later than 14 days prior to the date of the League Match or Play-Off Match in question, the number of visiting supporters allowed shall be determined by the Board whose decision shall be final and binding.”

The whole thing is a bit of a farce. The Ibrox club pulled their small Celtic allocation in August because Celtic refused to 100% guarantee they would get briefs for the January game. Again, our source told us Celtic were happy to hand over the same amount of briefs but could give no absolutes because the pandemic and rules at the time could dictate otherwise. If the situation was the same or better than the August game, the Ibrox club would get their tickets.

We now might see a scenario where Celtic could be forced to hand over tickets. It would be interesting to hear the club’s stance on this and if they would bow to the rule.

We have reached out to Celtic for comment.


  1. Well if crltic give them tickets ill never be back to watch celtic again they rats start it and now mr parks was probably threating the corrupt sfa the old rat threated doncaster and nothing ever happend to him so it just proves to all fans that the saf.spfl. are scared of the bullies at.liebrox scottish football is finish if the corrupt sfa.spfl tell celtic togive the biggest cheats in the spfl tickets after what they started its a fucking joke honest..

  2. It’s no secret that even though we failed miserably last year, like last season, the SPFL are already prepared to do all in their power to make sure Scotland’s newest club are the club to get automatic entry into the Champions League group stages, a guaranteed £30 million minimum.
    With their old establishment club now extinct the SPFL and SFA have adopted and been working with the equally corrupt new club.
    We didn’t help of course by bringing in a new manager who has zero idea what it means to be Celtic!

  3. Ange will get there but he,s not blind.Like all new to Scotland is learning about cheating and corruption from sevco and associates

  4. Give the scum 100 tickets and charge them £1000 for the privilege..fence them into a small space below our fans like the animals they are

  5. Scottish football is finished, bar from a couple of decent teams and Celtic the rest are cluggers, or thugs with footie boots. The st’rangers from ipox started all this sh1t. Now we are being made to admit them. Tell the SFA, SPFL and the Hvns to Fvck Off. Pay the fine, which would be the same amount, after we let the scum in to paradise, and the damage they would do. NFHAP


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