It has been claimed this morning Celtic will stop short of ripping up Boli Bolingoli’s contract after a serious breach of the rules and trust last week. The defender is now isolating and has cost Celtic two games this because of his actions, putting pressure on the whole team when they a return to domestic action.

RecordSport report, Celtic will send the player out on loan before the window closes:

The paper writes: ‘Neil Lennon and chief executive Peter Lawwell spent most of Tuesday dealing with the Boli Bolingoli fallout with the full-back now expected to leave the club on loan.’

There’s very little chance of a reprieve when it comes to Boli who has lost the trust of the club and his manager.

By doing what he did, he has jeopardised Celtic’s ten in a row season, and that to many is unforgivable. The Scottish Government has given Scottish football a yellow card and the players in our game are on their last warning. If football is to continue, players must be exemplary in their approach to what they do.

Celtic don’t have a game now until Tuesday which puts them up against Reykjavik in the Champions League. There’s no word in who has shown interest in Bolingoli at the moment,


  1. Just get rid of the muppet. He’s done the huns a good turn, in fact, he’s done the dirty on his club, fans, and teammates. Thank you BB, now leave the club you have sh1t on?? Bye Bye.

  2. Can’t believe we haven’t torn up this idiots contract,in one of the most important seasons in our clubs history he may of just thrown it across the water to the team at ibrokes and saved them from oblivion! I wish Celtic would grow a pair and send out the message we’re not to be messed and sack the numpty.HAIL HAIL

  3. I would keep him just to annoy the huns giving them hope , as for the board they have a duty now to correct there neglect in replacing player for our European campaign, I hold them responsible, and if Lennon is bird mouthed he has to go also . here is hopping Lennon doesn’t think we don’t need any one


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