Football Insider are claiming a ‘Scottish source’ has told them the powers that be are getting set for a June restart in the league with a May pre-season before hand.

The website writes:

A Scottish source has told Football Insider that extensive discussions have been held behind the scenes about recommencing the season at the beginning of June and cramming the remaining matches into a six or seven-week schedule.

This would be far from ideal but you’ll be hard pressed to find a Celtic fan who wouldn’t bite your hand off to get this season resumed in June.

Talk of the title being prematurely called or a null and void scenario has paralysed our game at the moment.

If the UK lockdown does what it’s supposed to do and we see the worst of this pandemic in the next month, normal life could start to slowly come back.

This plan would see Scotland go past the June deadline set by UEFA at the latest meeting. The European governing body wants all leagues to be done and dusted before the end of June.

This would have to be revisited.

As for the Scottish counties which are outstanding – this could be a curtain raiser for next season whenever that’s scheduled to be.


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