Celtic have the backing of NINE more SPFL clubs who want to push fixtures back and begin the winter break straight after Christmas due to new restrictions being imposed on supporters.

The government confirmed on Tuesday a maximum of 500 fans would be allowed to attend football games during the latest round of restrictions. It has effectively closed down every stadium in Scotland.

Given the SPFL is so close to the winter break already, it would make sense to pause early I. The hope on three weeks time we’re ready to go again with bigger crowds if not full capacity.

There are two teams opposed to the move; The Rangers and Ross County [SunSport]. The Rangers being the same club who claimed they didn’t want to play football without fans in March 2020 as they didn’t want to leave their dedicated fans behind.

They found out last season they can get on very well without their fans in the stadium, couple that with African Nations call ups and they’d rather play the games now and have the advantage of a quiet Celtic Park.

If ten teams are on board, there are enough clubs to vote through the postponement but that deal would hinge on Sky Sports agreeing to the move. Everything is up in the air.


  1. Nine clubs or nine hundred clubs, it will all hinge on the need for the dead club to stay afloat. Pragmatism, sensibility, common sense, none of it matters when it comes to ensuring Scotland’s shame remain floating, like a turd in a cesspit.

  2. Huns being huns total shitebags! It was always thus! Boab you nailed it mate, they are so transparent! Vile club I rather our Great club never played them ever! Utter poison top to bottom! And yet our joke board employ that cretins buses! Disgraceful, only in ” brigadoon” would that hellhole if hate be tolerated makes me sick

  3. And they just love the ” ghost league” team and their hoards they are serial bottlers as we all know and I am sure like me most here have dealt with many in life and dismissed easily! total filth and cowardice is their call card, they are happy to have empty stadiums total shitebags

  4. They think of nobody but themselves there are people dying and all they can think about is money money money ?they are a new club and keep going on about winning 55 something if they had have paid there QUEENS taxes maybe they wouldn’t be in the shit they are in now owing everyone money and the SFA are letting them away with murder shame on them they are ZOMBIES just like SEVCO

  5. So “Integrity FC” and their friends want to change the season so their advantage, hope the SPFL says no, either play or forfeit.
    And the use of the term “Huns” is considered offensive and the poster and hosts of this site could be charged with hate crime in Scotland, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. GBTQ.

  6. All the teams should just vote sevco scum out and tell the corrupt sfa.spfl that no teams want them in the league and as we all know cheats never won they always get caught and sure enough LIQUIDATION sets in die for good cunts .WE HATE DEADCO AND NEWCO


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