According to reports, Manchester City have managed to land a decent chunk of cash for the sale of Jeremie Frimpong.

The former Celtic defender made his move from Scotland to Germany back in January after making it clear to the club he wanted to move on.

Jeremie was at the club for less than 18 months, making a big impact in his first season but suffering like a lot of players in his second. The move, which came out of the blue, saw Celtic scoop a top transfer fee for the young player.

However, because the club got Jeremie for so little off of Manchester City, it was widely reported at the time City had a generous sell-on clause.

£11.5million was the reported price and Football Insider is claiming the 30% sell-on fee has landed the English side £3.45m.

A drop in the ocean for Manchester City but money they’ve made simply by hoarding young talent and selling them on.

Celtic attach sell-on clauses to most of their deals nowadays also we’re certain the player will have a sell-on clause which the Hoops will be able to take advantage of in the future.

Celtic lost around £6m in the club’s interim reports. Jeremie’s fee was not included in this but will be counted come the summer. Celtic have suffered like most clubs with no supporters allowed inside the stadium but they are still in a healthy position.


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