Celtic have reportedly met Huddersfield’s asking price for Tommy Smith but the player looks destined to stay in England with the club unable to agree personal terms with the player according to journalist Henry Armstrong.

The defender’s future has been up in the air for the past 48 hours with nobody quite knowing the situation.

It came to light late on Wednesday night that Stoke were in the driving seat for the right back and we got more information today saying it was a £4m bid by Stoke which was affected.

Tonight Armstrong claims Celtic matches the inflated fee but failed to agree terms on a contract.

If you’re a Celtic fan you’re probably half wishing this isn’t true, with the club being held to ransom by the inflated prices from a broken English system.

It still looks like Tommy will stay in England next term. Let’s hope Celtic have other targets in mind.


  1. Hey Celtic have a max wage they will pay any player,so if its about money then they will want to go for that first but if its about a great wage and the chance to win medals to show your children and family then Celtic are one of the teams that can give you that, am sure it could take a life time or more at Stoke and maybe never to get one or two medals,look if tv money was not on offer lets face it where would they be like most of the teams down south going nowhere fast the only ones being ripped off are the fans when there team gets a cool £100 million and still can not win nothing,if they the tv gave Scottish football same deal then a few teams we would surpass even the best in EPL and most across Europe and i am sure of that and they also know that..


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