CELTIC FANS have had their say since the overnight speculation on Charly Musonda’s future.

The Belgian’motherer who is very active on social media tweeted a picture of her with Charly and his brother yesterday evening stating she had both her boys ‘back for good’.

With Brendan Rodgers speaking earlier in the week about the player finding it difficult to settle down in Glasgow at the minute, it looks increasingly likely that his loan deal will be cut short.

The midfielder came in with much fanfare but has had very little game time.

Celtic fans are disappointed if this is true.


  1. A ridiculous deal in a shameful transfer window for Celtic. Signed purely to placate supporters. We did not need him and needed a CB or two but were unwilling to pay for a decent one, instead wasting a million on Compper. This window cost Celtic about 2.5-3 million. We cannot afford to waste such sums. Stop trying to do things on the cheap and sign players of a decent quality. Avoid borrowing EPL players we need to pay 20 grand a week for. Send him home and offer more money To Rogic.

  2. Chelsea are not the right club for this boy.
    The pressure on him is enormous.
    He needs time to develop in a caring atmosphere, which is why the deal was 18 months.
    Chelsea will not provide the correct atmosphere for him at any stage of his development.
    The are a messed up and arrogant club.


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