It has been over 24 hours since Arsenal’s first bid for Kieran Tierney was thrown out by the club but tonight The Times are reporting a SECOND bid has gone into Celtic for their star defender.

The paper reports the London club have come in with a higher bid BUT it has immediately been thrown out once again by the Celtic hierarchy as it does not meet the club’s valuation.

Nobody else is running with this story at the moment and the Times do not mention where their information is coming from. With them low on a possible Celtic contacts the paper may be listening to sources close to Arsenal.

If true, it was signal a strong stance from Celtic who will not be messed around when it comes to their prized asset.

Kieran Tierney is under a long term deal and the player is a die hard Celtic fan so he won’t be banging the door down for a move like maybe others would in his position.

Celtic should not let Kieran go unless the bid smashes our transfer record and doesn’t just lightly pass the £20m mark we got for Moussa Dembele from Lyon.


  1. I wonder if KT wants to leave or if this is strictly business. No less than 35 million as he’ll be worth 50 as soon as he plays his first game for his next club. Two years passes quick enough for him to stay a bit longer. Makes little difference what sum he goes for as that board will not spend it.

  2. This is what i mean Arsenal without tv money is not even on a par with Celtic they only got 46 million to spend so lets go and get some Scottish player on the cheap,but its not going happen 25 million plus 10% sell on and a pick of one of the six players sounds about right….

    Whats the hold up then

  3. Surely he won’t be sold regardless of price unless he wants to go? And its astonishing to think he would want to go at this particular point in time?its a really odd scenario. Agree to, that we would spend very little of any of the fee generated by such a sale?

  4. At the end of the day it will come down to the player himself, The club could just kill this stone dead by saying the player is not for sale, I hope I am wrong but this could be the beginning of the end for Tierney at Celtic.

  5. He will be sold even if he wants to stay. To be honest He should leave as we appear to have given up. The board are not interested in Celtic moving forward. Tierney leaving will result in a mass exodus of the saleable assets we have. Cweltic are ran like a small time club and are effectively a small club with no ambition. The feeling around the club is awful and the good years appear to be at an end. We have been on the slide for a couple of years but diue to the utter hopelessness of our opponents and the amount of money we have which dwarves the rest of them put to gether we have continued to win but there is a great reluctance to invest and the place is run on the cheap and this will come back to haunt us soon. Not looking forward to this.

  6. Ffs,everybodys knickers in a twist about nothing.
    Sounds to me like some of the fans commenting on here are ones who are giving up…Nobodys gone anywhere.
    Its all talk until it actually happens,and why worry if it does ?
    Celtic will march on regardless.


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