REPORTS: Celtic Make PERMANENT Offer to Sign Roberts

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According to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain Celtic have offered a record breaking fee to Man City to procure the services of Patrick Roberts.

Phil writes on his site that a deal of around £6.8million was put in front of the City bosses within the last fortnight with a large sell-on-clause down the line.

The midfielder put on another top display for Celtic last night against Thistle and just has two games to run before heading back to City.

The two games could see him become an invincible and a treble winner should everything go Celtic’s way.

Should Celtic seal a deal in the region of £6.8million it would be a massive statement of intent and the club would likely get a large chunk of that fee back should Virgil van Dijk move on from Southampton this summer.

Some Celtic fans are anxious to hear a positive outcome while some are getting annoyed by the will he/won’t he speculation. His future should be settled soon.

You can read Phil’s full article here. HH


  1. if this is true, then it would indicate Roberts would be happy to stay at Celtic. No point making an offer unless they’re spoken to paddy and he’s said he’d be happy to stick around for a few years.

  2. Good stuff I hope this is true .. he’s a brilliant prospect and will get the chance to progress up here instead of going the Scot Sinclair route and wasting his talent sitting on the bench at city then coming to Celtic to show what he is capable of .. things are looking good for us at the moment and long may it last

  3. Crazy that Celtic could were able to shell out £6 million each for Sutton and Hartson in 00/01, which is equivalent to about £9.25 million in today’s money after inflation. Nonetheless, Patrick Roberts is worth the £6.8 million reported and I would be very happy adding him to the squad as a permanent player.

      • Awe Colin for every fiver Dave King doesn’t spend we will spend millions, 6.8 millions, if the wee mans no here next year, its been 18 months of pleasure watching a GENIUS doing what CELTIC fans love,,, PLaying football. HAIL HAIL PADDY.

  4. Happy with the idea but we would need to buy him a right foot so as he can change his tactics and not be so predictable, he is a great player but far too one sided he really needs to adapt his game so as to keep defenders guessing, hopefully this can bebdone under BR

    • With all due respect Tam, he will never have a right foot for much more than balance. There were and still are many, many great left footers past and present who were better players with one foot than most others who were two footed e.g. Maradona, Messi, Paolo Futre, Hagi, David Silva, Rivelino, Van Hanegem. To a lesser extent, our own Tommy Burns. Opponents knew these guys were hopeless with their right food but they still couldn’t stifle their genius.
      Back in the day when Pele was being heralded as the best player in the world, his Brazil team mate Rivelino, with the cannonball shot left foot, told Pele “But you are jealous because you always wanted to be a leftie, didn’t you?”

    • Are you on drugs? Of he wants to use him to cross put him on left wing. Or keep him as he is now. A left inside forward. Jesus mate. Get yourself to ibrox

  5. Would be a great , Keep him for a couple of years sell him with a move on clause , and keep buying and selling

  6. He would only be sitting on the bench at City, What a waste of a good excellent talent, Or they would put the wee man on loan to another club, I Feel this would knock his confidence, Unless we get him back on loan or try and sign the wee man up and give him a 4 year contract, But The concern is the money that City paid for him could be a stumbling block, (IF) Big Virgil Signs for Chelski then we could also add that money on along with what our club are willing to offer. (Sign Patrick Roberts) C’mon Mr Chairman “You Know It Makes Sense”

  7. Please stay Patrick Roberts we will all miss u so much and it would be sad to see you go so please stay HH.😭😭

  8. Paddy ul never be loved as much at any other club, playing in front of 60,000 every other week and also your status could be legendary there is also the joy of playing in a really exciting team winning games and playing CL , if he goes out on loan to another club down south before he knows it am sure he will regret not staying and improving under a top class boss at a top
    Class club with the best supporters in the world (FACT) hope Henrik gets a hold of him and has a wee word in his ear HH
    THERES ONLY 1 PADDY ROBERTS 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  9. Would love to see CELTIC sign wee Paddy Roberts he’s a great talent at such a young age it certainly would be a statement of intent signing him for next few years! As important need to keep hold of K Tierney. HH MG CELTIC family Dublin Eire

  10. We won’t b selling any players it’s only the daily rectum spreading stories to give the Huns some hope where’s there is none Roberts should b our no 1 target he’s a fantastic young player and he’s happy playing for us I hope he stays but if not in Brendan we trust and we roll on


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