CELTIC have reportedly sent in a request to the SPFL calling for a draw to be made to determine who would play at Hampden and Murrayfield.

It came to light earlier today that the SPFL would re-think their plans to play at the same venue on the same day after Police Scotland changed their mind on the issue.

This has left an almighty mess for the SPFL who seem to be running our game like a Monty Python’s sketch.

Assuming the SPFL can secure Murrayfield for the day the noise coming from Doncaster’s office was Celtic and Hearts would likely be the ones to shift to Edinburgh with no real reason why.

BBC’s Chris McLaughlin has told his followers the club have now wrote to the SPFL for clarification and to suggest the unusual step of drawing who plays where on the day.

This all came about after both Glasgow clubs made the final four of the competition. With both having Europa League games on the Thursday it wasn’t fair on either to play on the Saturday.

This have birth to the massive own goal by SPFL officials who declared they could feasibly play both games at Hampden in the same day.

So much for that Neil! Always look on the bright side of life eh.



  1. What an absolute farce! But sadly not surprising in the least! The SPFL and the SFA are the rwo most ridiculously run organizations in the world of sports. They spend so much time being busy covering up their corruption, they even bungle that!

  2. Sevco will still get hampden, the same way they always get drawn at home or against lower league opposition. Why are the BBC and STV reporting that that it’s the Celtic v Hearts game that’s getting moved when nothing has been decided yet?

  3. It Aberdeen were asked, they would find it easier to get to/from Murrayfield. So if either the Sheep or the Auld reeken huns make the final. It should be played there Or at one of the stadiums in Dundee.
    . And spread the joy


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