Respected football commentator Derek Rae has wondered what Celtic were thinking over the past few weeks when they decided to head to Dubai despite world events.

The former voice of Scottish football resides in the US now but covers the German league for ESPN.

He, like many others are in disbelief at how tone deaf Celtic’s decision to head out to the UAE despite the circumstances surrounding the league, the country and the world.

To put it into more perspective, Derek writes the German clubs who regularly have a winter training camp in the sun all decided it wasn’t a good idea to head away.

Celtic felt they knew better and have hidden behind the fact they sought and gained permission for he trip.

It’s not even something you can say hindsight makes it look worse. There were so many fans and pundits urging Celtic to scrap their trio before they left for Dubai.

Since returning, we’ve reported a positive COVID test and now the lunacy of a potential retrospective isolation for people who came from Dubai since January 2nd is hanging over the club this morning.


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