Celtic have brought in the majority of their new players from foreign countries and have taken up their duty to help the players off the park, Postecoglou has revealed.

Having travelled around the world in his management career, The Greek-born manager knows too well the difficulties players may face while in Scotland. The boss has revealed the club have made a number of appointments including liaison officers to work with the players.

It is great to see the club go above and beyond to allow players to settle into life at Celtic and in Scotland. This will help the players on the pitch knowing that they have little struggles off the field.

The answer to 4 Tims and a Podcast’s question was brilliant, as was the question. Fan media ask brilliant questions and this is a fine example. However, it is a shame that the questions posed to Ange during Friday’s presser were not included in the club’s official video.


  1. I agree , it is a very good question, and sometimes overlooked by many , but ofcourse it’s a very important situation that needs to be handled & managed well . Great credit to the club and those involved in this absolutely vital procedure 👍


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