As stadiums return to maximum capacity in Scotland the government have introduced vaccine passports. In their eyes, these certificates will help to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

From October 1st, spot checks will be in place around Celtic Park to ensure spectators have had both of their COVID jabs. If asked to show proof of vaccination, the evidence must be shown.

Speaking today, the First Minister informed businesses that larger events will not require to check all in attendence but a “reasonable number”.

As quoted by The Scottish Sun, here is what Sturgeon had to say about larger venues;

“At a venue such as a nightclub, or at a relatively small event, we expect that it will be possible to check vaccine certificates for everyone in attendance. However at larger events, organisers will be expected to carry out a reasonable number of checks.”

This can be seen as great news for fans, the queues outside the stadium wont be too long.

These rules will have exemptions, children under the age of 18 will not be asked and neither will participants in vaccine trials, people unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons or employees at venues within scope of the scheme.

The last exemption (employees at venues within scope of the scheme) should apply to players too, meaning on the pitch wont change – more good news for hoops fans.


  1. So the people who have been dumb enough to be jabbed with a trial vaccine can still be infected and still transmit the ‘virus’ but are permitted to various treats because they participated in a medical trial.


    I’ll pass, i’ll let my immune system deal with the rebranded flu virus that has a 98.7% recovery rate.


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