If you ever wondered why Neil Lennon was reluctant to walk away from the Celtic job when things became untenable – Swiss Ramble have filled us in.

The Irishman left his position as the Celtic manager back in February 2021 after a farcical season where he played a major role in the downfall of the squad – not that he cares to admit it.

Swiss Ramble, the football financial expert has revealed Neil Lennon received a £600k payout from the club because he stuck to his guns.

There was heavy pressure for Neil Lennon to resign after it was clear he had lost the confidence of the Celtic fans and the Celtic players.

The writing was on the wall very early on in that season but the boards intransigence cost Celtic much more than a 600k payout.

Neil Lennon has since gone on a media tour since leaving Celtic, blaming every other aspect of what went wrong last season and not taking ownership of his own failings.


  1. Brendan Rodgers may have left in the middle of the night but Rodgers left the club with a room filled with trophies and a 9 million payoff from Leicester.

    Lennon on the other hand destroyed the squad he inherited from Rodgers and got 600k for his troubles.

    Nice work if you can get it.


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