As we reported yesterday, Celtic decided NOT to appeal Jozo Simunovic’s extended ban.

The club waited for the official documentation breaking down the disciplinary panel’s decision before making the call.

Having read it, they decided the best course of action was to not appeal.

However, this was not solely down to the UEFA explanation as some at the club feel the defender has been harshly treated.

Celtic officials fear any appeal would fall on deaf ears and leave Jozo out of the Athens tie should the bhoys get the job done in Norway on Wednesday.

The fear of losing the option of playing the big defender next round seems to be the driving force more than anything.

A club spokesman told the Daily Record:

“Having taken a close look at the decision by UEFA’s disciplinary panel to increase the original one-match suspension the feeling is it would be too big a gamble to appeal against it.

“The list of precedents show they are unlikely to have a change of heart so it makes more sense for the player to serve out this suspension now rather than be ruled out of the next tie, be that against AEK in the Champions League or Cork in the Europa League.”



  1. Sound sensible to me. Maybe if the Gb nursery never kept lighting themselves up wae pyro, Jozo’s ban would be much, much less. Don’t keep pushing Uefa back, as they may kick them all over the Jungle.

  2. Or is it Simply Uefa are not fit for purpose and the appeal systems to stupid to Argue with i wish all the smaller Countries could set up alternative competitions how would a real champions league only for champions, love to hear the furore if that happened or some rich guy legally challenge there right to call it the champions league as its false advertising as its not for champions, ohh you can dream

  3. Every F.a is corrupteted Dave, none more than Uefa, Fifa. But corruption is rife in all sports. Can’t really fight something that has its roots in Scotlands F.a also. Just like pishing into a wind, it comes back at yae.

  4. Well Bob, if Celtic can negotiate all the games left in these qualifiers. They will be popping a cork or two. Or if they lie down, and play with no elan. They will be chasing their own tails again. But, as all the supporters found out last year in the Cl, they get in, finish last, end up better off. And back on league duty.

    What’s to hate.


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