An Aberdeen fan will spend Christmas behind bars after a judge sentenced Gavin Elphinstone to 140 days for invading the pitch during Celtic’s Cup Final win at the start of the month.

Celtic were winning 1-0 when the Dons fans got onto the pitch and intercepted a pass before being tackled and taken away by Stewards.

He admitted to:

  • Breaching the peace.
  • Conducting himself in a disorderly manner.
  • Assaulting two police officers.

According to STV, Gavin admitted to kicking and pushing officers when he was arrested at Hampden.

Today the Dons supporter is facing up to his 140 jail sentence as well as an 8-month football banning order.

Considering where you’re sitting you could see this as harsh.

However, had the Aberdeen fan gone quietly and not assaulted two officers maybe he would have just got a football banning order in the end.

This will certainly deter many from trying the same in future.


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