OLI BURKE is being used by people to deflect from their own team’s disciplinary record and it’s quite alarming.

The player looked to have taken an unnecessary dive during Celtic’s routine win over Hibernian on Wednesday night. Oli got a goal to put Celtic out of sight but his delayed reaction to a challenge in the second half raised a few eyebrows; it was stupid and he shouldn’t have done it.

However, he gained no advantage for his team by doing so, had he been in a blue shirt with Andrew Dallas officiating then, maybe it would have been different.

The rules state that if a player unfairly gains his side an advantage due to simulation they can be reprimanded. While this is the rule, we saw Jermain Defoe get away with doing so just a week ago. Oli burke did not gain an advantage and Thompson got on with the game. There is no case to answer by Oli and Hibernian and the Ibrox club fans clutching at straws is pretty amusing.

Darnell Johnson’s challenge on Izzy was shocking and even though it was dealt with at the time the compliance officer has found the tackle to be so severe, they have deemed it worthy of much more than a yellow.

Morelos was sent off for lashing out and it was correct to uphold the ban, Alan McGregor should have been off and his Aberdeen awarded a penalty. They bitch and moan but had action been taken against them at the time their three points at Pittodrie would have evaporated.

This is a mess of the SFA’s own making; they have pandered to a certain club this season with some of their ridiculous decisions and their referees are putting the compliance officer under increasing pressure with outrageous decisions on a weekly basis.


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