A rival fan from across the city phoned up Clyde SSB tonight claiming no Celtic manager in the last ten years has worn a poppy, somehow this offends him. But for the record, it was a blatant lie by an individual with a clear agenda.

Poppy season has become a regular point in the calendar where faux outrage and idiots combine to try and attack anyone who choose not to wear one.

The whole thing has become a grotesque spectacle and is so far removed from what the poppy was originally about. It’s been hijacked by many right wing morons and people who like to outwardly show support without doing much else for the cause.

For the record, Ronny Deila, Brendan Rodgers and Neil Lennon have all worn a poppy trackside.

We have an idiot on a national radio show spouting lies to try and score points.

I suppose showing your support is having people abseil from the roof of your stadium or fitting off cannons. Perhaps a sizeable donation to Poppy Scotland would be better.


  1. No one cares.

    If they want to bring politics into football i have every right to protest in any manner i see fit, when and where i feel like it.

  2. Some people enjoyed running barefoot in mine fields during Ww1, they also enjoyed freezing to death in wet bomb filled holes they dug, or swimming to their death in a muddy one. No one dies a hero.

    The folks who never went to war, they were the sensible ones.
    My Great grandfather died in the Somme, my Great uncles ( the six of them, all the fighting McQuades) all died during the second world rumpass in Aden, Belgium, Germany and the far East. As it was the only jobs they could get (and they were conscripted).

    So I buy a poppy for them, don’t wear it, as it’s morbid to make money out of the death of young men And women, who went to fight and all lost their to lives for employment.

    As that’s what my surviving Great uncle Gunner William Curran told me in the seventies.
    It was a total waste of life, all for some land, and the world was in recession before both wars.

    They don’t have to fuel your brandy with amphetamines, when your young and dumb and fool of cum.
    But they did it anyway. Having a sloop hat with a feather in it, kaiki suit and a gun, only makes you a target for a machine gun or cannon.
    War is a shi7e way to argue about politics.
    And it’s not worth laying down your life for political gain.
    But each to their own.

  3. I would love to see green poppy’s getting made for next years poppy appeal and see who at liebrox wears a green poppy no red ones just green eh.celtic football club give the poppy appeal £10.000 every year what does they scum at liebrox do steal the charity money every year to pay the wages for the sevco players eh…CHARITY THIEVING BASTARDS OVER AT LIEBROX DIRTY EBT SIDELETTERS CHEATS ASWELL..they only no how to cheat our steal from charitys to help themselves..SCUM CLUB SCUM FANS.

  4. I agree with the article but why use the phrase “It’s been hijacked by many right wing morons”. Only a moron would label people “right wing” or “left wing” to make a point.


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