CELTIC FANS have little sympathy for Juventus after a late penalty saw them bow out of the Champions League.

The penalty appeared to be soft but it was enough to give Real Madrid the penalty and the victory after a night of high drama in Spain.

While the row rages on about the decision, Celtic fans are showing little sympathy. Pointing out that Martin O’Neill’s Celtic were robbed by Juventus when back in 2001 Amoruso dived to win a late penalty.

Here is Martin O’Neill’s famous interview after the incident.



  1. Italian teams invented diving so FUCM; I’ve only been to once as a neutral at the San Siro, one of the dullest most boring 1-0 games I’ve ever attended.
    No sympathy here.

  2. Hoy I am a celtic and Juventus supporter. two wrongs don’t make a right. it is right to say celtic were on the receiving end that time Amoruso dived. But please you would rather have the Fascists francos forces , than a Socialist team like Juventus . seems to me then the next time Celtic are wrongly awarded a penalty against . then we should not be complaining either? Get to grips. I expect honesty from my fellow celtic supporters. nothing else.


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