ROBBIE KEANE has given a glowing report to one of Neil Lennon’s top signing targets this summer by declaring Luca Connell WILL play for Ireland in his career.

The former Celtic striker is part of the Republic of Ireland setup now and has seen the player first hand.

“He’s a great lad. In Portugal, I got a ball and there’s a big goal over there and a small goal facing that goal.” Keane told RecordSport.

“I said, ‘Watch this, I’m going to hit that post and it’ll go straight into the goal and he said, ‘No chance.’

“I went ‘bang’ – it hit the bar and went into the goal. Then the little f****r did it as well, straight after.

“I thought, ‘He’s got a chance, this lad’. He’s a lovely boy as well.

“I’m telling you right now, Luca will play for us. He loves it here. He enjoyed being here.

“He was buzzing in Portugal. He was playing well, enjoying it.”

Luca Connell is available for a FIFA imposed £240k with the youngster not under a professional contract at Bolton. He would be available to walk away or such a small fee from the troubled club.

It was reported over the weekend Celtic had contacted the Rebook Stadium administrators to begin the process of trying to sign the defensive midfielder who can also play as a defender.

Celtic are trying to strengthen their squad at the moment and are finding it tough. The bhoys looked to have bagged David Turnbull from Motherwell until the player’s agent demanded a much larger contract.


  1. I do love bringing in younger players like Luca Connell and watching if they can cut it here,but we need two RBs two CHs and a LB asp,it now looks like we can not sign anyone,all the players we go after all want to ask there mum if it is alright to sign for Celtic,as they and SG take the pick of the players around the UK now we need five players to sort out those Positions asp,or we will find we are second best….

    Sort it Celtic grow a pair of big balls and spend the money and give Lenny a fighting chance on all fronts….


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