We are THREE days detached from Celtic’s win over Hearts yet the fallout rages on because of Hearts manager Robbie Neilson.

Jamie Walker, clear as day took a dive in the penalty area to con the referee into giving Hearts a penalty that they used to equalise.

Everyone outside Tynecastle knows Jame Walker cheated in order to get the penalty but Neilson has been on such a tirade since the final whistle that he now can’t back down from his stance that his player DIDN’T cheat even though we all know full well he did.

Neilson spoke to the media about the situation.

“I have watched the incident back several times,” said Neilson. “Jamie told us he felt contact. He got himself out the way of a leg that is coming through. From our perspective, we believe that any contact in the box is a penalty. I believe from the footage which we have seen there is slight contact. You look at the camera from every angle and there is no indication there was no contact – other than people saying there is no contact.”

Comments from a man so entrenched in the Hearts cause that he’s either deluded himself into thinking Jamie Walker was “touched” inside the penalty area or he’s flat out lying to save face. This from a man that during the game had to have the rules explained to him when Kieran Tierney didn’t have to leave the field of play after recieving treatment.

He even claimed at one point that the referee should be punished if he has been conned.

Jamie Walker has been offered a two-match ban by the SFA which Hearts are set to appeal. The SFA must now make an example of Jamie Walker and Hearts for the audacity to do so and hand the player a larger ban.




  1. Hearts stance should result in a longer ban for the player.

    It’s as clear a dive as you will see this season.

    Perhaps Neilson should be venting his anger at the Hearts employee who is responsible for player registrations. As sure as hell it wasn’t someone at the SFA who told Hearts they were not open for business on Saturday. It would appear the Hearts employee made that assumption therefore they did not attempt to register their player.

    There you go Robbie, vent your anger on him/her!

  2. Just like the thuggery on show from the Hertz on Sunday, cheating and diving is very much part of their approach to the game.
    Add bare faced lying to that list and their hooligan fans and you have one nasty disgraceful organisation who have lost what little credibility they may have had before.
    Strangely enough there has been no comment on any of this from Ann Budge, who normally has something to say about everything.

  3. Hmm. John Guidetti anyone? One of the worst dives ever seen in the SPL.

    That and arguably the biggest cheat in Scottish football during the last decade, Scott (the missing link) Brown branding anyone a cheat is frankly laughable…

    • Every team has had divers at some point. That’s not the point.

      It’s this diver Walker we are discussing.

      He’s been caught and given a two match ban, (soon to be increased) just as every diver should be.

    • John Guidette did not dive, he slipped as was shown on camera at the time, and seconded by most of the media, and if I remember, Celtic were already two goals up.

      Again I ask, who is john marshall? Can’t you say where you got the name from?
      What is stopping you from using my normal user name? Surely you can allow me to change this.
      I will keep on reminding you until you do.

  4. Robbie Neilson has done his player more damage than he has done himself. Apart from diving, he is a blatant liar, and for Neilson to back him up?,well he was always a nutter on the pitch himself, so it has rubbed off on-to his players. Instead of taking Walker aside and speaking to him he has landed him up to the neck in yon stuff. All this comes down to one thing and one thing only and that is the hatred that that club have against us and our team. Is it not time the powers that be got this festering club sorted out and the silence is deafening from the “Budgie” Has she lost her voice? Hope so. H.H.


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