Hearts boss Robbie Neilson went on a bizarre post match rant after his side was beaten 3-1 at Celtic Park. 

The Jambos took the lead after in form forward Josh Ginnelly nodded the ball into the net. 

Neilson had set his side up to frustrate the league leaders as there was constant fouling going on across the pitch. 

Celtic didn’t let it get to them as they hit back and were on level terms after Kyogo delivered a great ball to Daizen Maeda who levelled the scoreline. 

The Hoops weren’t at their thrilling best but deserved their goals after the interval to complete the job and retain the nine point advantage at the top of the Scottish Premiership. 

After the match, Neilson went on a bizarre rant about his team being treated unfairly as he reckons that Celtic fullback Alexandro Bernabei should have saw red. 

VAR referee Nick Walsh reviewed the incident and decided not to call referee Alan Muir over to monitor as the game was allowed to progress.

Following the match, the Jambos boss couldn’t resist having a dig. 

“To be honest I thought it was a shambles, the whole thing. First time I have ever seen no yellow card but it goes to a VAR for serious foul play,” said Neilson as quoted by [@ClydeSSB].

“I’m sure Alan will look at it and firstly be disappointed with his own decision but secondly that he wasn’t asked to go and look at the VAR screen because I think, if he goes and sees it, it’s maybe a different outcome.

“But usually you come to Parkhead and need a decapitation before you get a red card against them. It wasn’t to be. It was nearly a leg off but if the head came off we might have got it.”

This isn’t the first time that Neilson has come to the east end of Glasgow and had a moan and it’s becoming a bit of a personality trait. 

He’s very selective when it comes to these rants and always seems to blame decisions when things don’t go his way. During the previous game back in October at Tynecastle his side certainly got more than one decision in their favour.

Many Celtic fans could have predicted that this would have been his response after the game as he knows exactly what he is doing before the Scottish Cup tie between both sides on Saturday. 


  1. Yes its all putting pressure on officials for the cup game he was always in refs ear when playing now he has passed that on to players halliday is a example Neilston sent him to get ref to look at the challenge yes it was a foul his foot wasn’t high see it all the time it’s hurts but to roll about its embarrassing maeda got injured from a poor challenge by goalkeeper look like a stamp nelson come out and attack celtic there gonna suffer so your at home all your bravado talk then you defend slow game down boardering on cheating hearts fans vote with with there feet and to not sell all there tickets tells you how much confidence un there team no supporter wants to see there team on defensive for most if not all hoping for free kick corner long throw in or hand ball they scored a great goal against us at parkhead then folded rembering celtic changed both full backs and midfield and just took time ralston was out for months a few loose passes Oleary mooy dose not usually play together argentine left back us in and out but I thought he played well and we will see more of this young man he short but fast got good feet has a good spring in his leg now celtic could go to tynecastle which is a great stadium for atmosphere which gets players to get stuck in with the same team maeda might miss it we had to alter our play and it took time but by the end of game we were knocking balls about naming runs hearts were out on there feet three for good goals should be a cracker all celtic and hearts the props are there hearts might change there team and tactics celtic might change some individuals hope maeda fit but want change the way the play flat out hope the ball boys are fast but I’d be surprised if there is any

  2. Hankies for Neilson, waaaa, booohoooo. Away and bile yer heid ya muppet.
    He stands next to the 4th official spouting his p1sh, foul, oor baw!
    His look is of a NED, shaven head, close shaved beard. is old school.
    Don’t forget to jump up and down at your den on Saturday. Altogether Waaaa, BoooHooo, am no playing. Gie me ma baw. Neilson the degenerate, end of!!!


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