Former Man City and Inter Milan manager, Roberto Mancini spoke fondly of Celtic in a recent interview with

The Italian who will always be remembered for THAT late title winning epic in the English Premier League spoke about his future in the game and where he’d like to go before he retires; unsurprisingly, Celtic came up.

“I want to add one thing. If Celtic were to build a team strong enough to regularly compete in the Champions League, I might decide to manage them one day” the Italian told Goal.

“For me, that’s the the next step for them, and one which I believe they’re trying to take.”

His comments proof that people have taken notice of how Celtic are going about their business since Brendan Rodgers was unveiled as the new manager.

With the financial shackles of the SPFL firmly on the club, it’s easy for many to put Celtic down. The fact is, whether these people want to admit it or not, the club is still thought of highly around the globe.

Roberto on the other hand as bucked the recent trend of jibes coming from down south by admitting the club could be massive on a platform befitting their own stature.

“Winning the league has become normal for them. They have the fans and the history. Now they must strive to become an important player at the top level in Europe”



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