ROBERTO MARTINEZ has been one of the bookies favourites to take over the vacant Celtic job this summer once this season draws to a close.

It’s clear not many people know what Celtic are thinking with the odds on who will be the next manager jumping up and down on a daily basis.

Roberto Martinez has been a name that’s been talked about because of his Scottish links – the coach did his badges in Scotland, has played for Motherwell and has a Scottish wife.

However, any suggestion the current Belgium bias is heading to Celtic Park has been squashed by Roberto’s agent.

“Roberto always seems to be on the shortlist as soon as there is a vacancy at a big club.” His agent told SunSport.

“But this is a false rumour about him going to Celtic.

“It seems to have come from the fact Roberto has a Scottish wife and he obviously has ties to the country.

“However, there’s nothing to see here and I would suggest the bookies review their odds.”

It would appear Roberto has gone the way of Marco Rose in this Celtic manager speculation merry go rounds

So who exactly do the club have in mind?

Not many people know for sure at the minute.


  1. Pity. He would have been the ideal man to take us on to 10iar. None of the other names being mentioned fill me with excitement.


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