ROD STEWART was at the Celtic game last night and he must have made a very late night or early morning trip down south to make sure he was ready to go on ITV’s Loose Women with his wife, Penny Lancaster.

The uber Celtic fan was there to see the bhoys win 2-1 against Leipzig on a pulsating night at Celtic Park.

So when he got mic time on Loose Women, of course he was going to mention it!

Rod regularly talks about Celtic in his media interviews, even when they don’t ask!

Last year the singer told the audience at a Russian Music award ceremony that Celtic had won 3-2 at Ibrox with ten men the day before.

His band always have the Celtic logo displayed on the drum kit and recently he brought out his own version of Grace, a beautiful Irish ballad which the Celtic support sing on a regular basis.

It’s good to see Rod is keeping the Loose Women up to date with what’s going on at Celtic Park.



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