In the last few minutes, two respected journalists who are very close to the club have reported Brendan Rodgers has accepted the job at Leicester and Neil Lennon will come into the club on an interim basis for the rest of the season.

Both journalists are well versed in what’s going on at Celtic and they’re both hearing the same thing this morning and are talking like its fact and not speculation.

This would come as a massive shock to the Celtic support who would not have felt Brendan would leave at all never mind with three months of the season still to go.

Celtic have won everything in their path domestically since Brendan Rodgers to come in and with so many years of his contract still to go this would be a ridiculous blow.

It’s expected Neil Lennon will be handed the interim reigns until the summer with Damien Duff and John Kennedy flanking him.


  1. This is a f***en disgraceful act on behalf of that twat lawwell.Id like to see that idiot chucked out of Parkhead.Neil Lennon should be able to come in and steady the ship and see off the shame of Scotland ie.SEVCO.HH

  2. Utter disgrace if true calls himself a Celtic man and chooses to walk out now what happened to it being your dream job no Celtic man would walk out on Celtic like that


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