When Jurgen Klopp and Brendan Rodgers were compared as Liverpool managers and what they’ve done to date, Jamie Carragher opted for Klopp and gave him the edge but then went on a massive defence of the way Brendan Rodgers is portrayed by Liverpool fans.

“I actually think Brendan Rodgers is the best British manager,”

“Rodgers, at times is ridiculed, even sometimes by Liverpool fans on social media, ‘oh Brendan Rodgers has only done this’, ‘Klopp’s only done that’ as if Brendan Rodgers is the worst manager they’ve ever seen at Liverpool.

“He came closer than anyone to winning a league title.”

Brendan Rodgers was very unlucky not to win the Premier League with the Anfield side but since then, some Liverpool fans have decided to jump on their fickle bandwagon.

Not that Brendan will be caring one iota as he goes about his own business managing Celtic.


  1. cant compare brendan , he is his own man , and what a man , such dedication to all and passion , but his most adearing quality is his humility , he has been a blessing to every team and especially to celtic , so god bless this wonderfull manager , our brendan in whom we trust just got to love him x

  2. I am a LFC fan. Majority of the fanbase agree that he is a very good coach and will grow to be a great manager as he gains experience. His flaws were glaring and they still exist at celtic. He loved signing players from the league without a plan. Lallana, Lovern are examples. He also took too long to identify issues in the team and his solutions took months which at LFC was not good enough.

    And last he said some insane things. Weeee joe, the welsh xavi messed it up. He defended signings when they were bad and he forgot what made him a success at LFC. A mobile, creative hardworking unit. Balotelli, Lambert, Benteke was the compete opposite of countiho, sturridge, Suarez and Sterling.

    He deserves much of the ridicule he gets but he has improved at Celtic. The two french strikers are prime examples.


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