BRENDAN RODGERS has made no secret he seen a two season cycle for Moussa Dembele at Celtic.

Since the Frenchman came up to Scotland he has been linked with a move away, however, Rodgers has always stayed cool when bids have come in but now his second season is almost over the Irishman seems ready for a huge bid to come Celtic’s way.

Dembele could have gone to many places instead of Celtic for more money, but at the time the striker and his advisors chose football over money which is a rarity.

Moussa has certainly developed at Celtic and the club will be asking for top dollar for their striker if clubs come calling this summer.

Brendan Rodgers believes that the time may be right, especially now Osdonne Eduoard has started showing his qualities.

“Moussa is a fantastic player and the reasons why he has come here has borne fruit.

“We wouldn’t want to lose him but you have to think he’s a big talent and something may happen in the summer. We try and have the next one lined up.

“Odsonne announced himself to the fans in the previous league game against Rangers when he got the winner. He showed it in other games but he won’t get carried away.

“You have to keep players hungry and humble and keep them wanting 
to develop.”


  1. The Engurleish are Forever Slighting our Premier,But there is Always these same Wanting to sign Our Top Talent.When are these Idiots going to getit Intothere Heads,Celtic is and Always has Been a Massive Club with an Unbroken History.Who are known the World Over.We can only beat whats put in front of Us.Scotland doesnt need a Strong Sevco as the Lodgy Sisters would have us believe.Scotland needs a strong Hibs Aberdeen etc.Rangers Died a humiliatingly Embarrassing Death.Sevco are nothing more than Mediocre at Best.What they produce is exactly what they wouldve been before liquidation and EBT”s.This Circus show needs to stay.They give the rest of the Clubs a great giggle with there conveyor belt of statements etc.HH

  2. Nearly every league the world over has one or two cubs lording it over the rest the dilly dilly are heading for the iceberg and the rats are jumping ship the smsm are still spouting the same old mince nothing about the real goings on at sevconia they are to busy trying to sell their season books for them with free advertising and talks of big signing only in this sad wee masonic country they are getting away with absolute corruption of the highest order they operate above the law but they canny stop the Celtic and that’s what’s really killing them God bless all the Celtic family lurking stickies girfuy

  3. Absolutely spot on JungleTim. Scottish football has been improving each year since the demise of Club 1690 and the formation of Club 1690 mark II. Five other clubs apart from Celtic have won cups in that time, including two former Highland League teams. Club 1690 are not needed. They bring nothing to Scottish football and their so-called business is mediocrity in the extreme. They have the same arrogance as many Engerland teams and the same plan, that is – they try to buy success, unlike Celtic who develop success with an excellent business plan.

    Hibernian, Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and others will improve year on year and provide more and more competition. A level playing field is all that is needed and to get rid of the corrupt SFA in its present form as well as the corrupt club running out of Govan.

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