The season hasn’t even started yet and the obsession going on in the Scottish media trying to get headlines out of Celtic by constantly barraging us with questions about Sevco is already getting tiresome.

Scott Brown was constantly asked last week about Sevco’s appearance in the top flight and he refused to play the media’s game. Today the manager went one better and gave a perfect response to another leading question.

The reporter asked : “Does Rangers FC make the league more attractive?”

Now if he says no here then the headline is ‘Rodgers – ‘Gers Don’t make League Better’ if he says yes then the headline goes ‘Celtic Boss Here for Gers Challenge’. Instead of playing into their hands he simply said this:

An honest answer. HH

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  1. We will do our business let the others worry about what happens. The Celtic team and fans concentrate on our football that’s what counts.

  2. Truthful answer from a class act! Who gives a hoot about sevco, we,re like Brendan, our love is Glasgow Celtic, we are playing the jam farts on Sunday, why are the tribute act from the asbestos dome, even mentioned! COYBIG.


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