BRENDAN RODGERS has tonight confirmed that he left Dembele on the bench this afternoon amid speculation on his future.

Speaking after his side won 5-0 against Brechin – the Irishman was pretty frank why he left the Frenchman out this afternoon.

“There have been a couple of enquiries about him…it’s been clear he’s not been quite the same player.” said Rodgers.

Moussa has been subject to much interest but until the last few days, there has been no official approach from any club for the striker’s services. We’re now at the sharp end of the January window with clubs looking to make deals happen as they strengthen for the second half of the season.

Moussa is a top rated striker and should he be let go this month it will break Celtic’s transfer record that stands at £12.5million at the moment.

Celtic also stressed no formal bid had been made for the player.





  1. That’s not what Brendan said last week when he talked about his professionalism. Now he is affected by the rumours? Wrapped in cotton wool to ensure the money is in the bank (where it will remain)

  2. Celtic will be lucky to get 15-18 million for him. The first 20 mill bid and he will immediately be flogged. Celtic will snatch the hand that offers this, but I don’t think he will go for as high as 20m

  3. Celtic should hang on to him till the summer as if he starts to nock the goals in again and the French promot him to the Senior team and he does well then the sky’s the limit.

  4. If you were to believe the press then you’d do well to remember the Moussa and agent philosophy that he’d joined Celtic with a firm view to develop and move on, not just move on but move up, they had a plan that Celtic was the best shop window to develop and gain exposure to the best clubs so that would (with respect) discount a move to Brighton and Hove Albion as the ‘plan’ was for a top six EPL or similar european team.
    Either way Moussa was bough cheap, he’s been great and if and when he moves on he’s likely to return a huge profit and go with the best wishes of the Celtic family.

  5. Tbh on recent form I’d say 20 million would be the limit for Dembele hes still got a ways to go to be in the higher bracket

  6. He will be flogged.And we will be lucky to spend 3 million on a replacement.The money Celtic have raked in and still our business is dragged out,Here is hoping We get a atleast a couple Quality signings in at Windows End.HH


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