Brendan Rodgers, has confirmed that his coach, Harry Kewell, is attracting interest from the Japanese club Yokohama Marinos. This news comes as the Japanese league season has concluded, and Kevin Muscat, the former manager at Yokohama, has stepped down, creating an opening that has led to Kewell being headhunted.

Kewell, who was initially brought to the club by former boss Ange Postecoglou, has continued to work under Rodgers’ management. Rodgers, speaking about the situation, acknowledged the developments. “I’ve spoken to Harry on it after the game on Wednesday night. I’m not sure how far down the road it is. He’s still very much working here, but there is a level of interest for him. Which doesn’t surprise me because he’s a talented guy,” Rodgers told Sky Sports.

Luis Palma and Harry Kewel
4th November 2023; Victoria Park, Dingwall, Scotland: Scottish Premiership Football, Ross County versus Celtic; Luis Palma of Celtic runs to celebrate with Celtic coach Harry Kewell after he scores to make it 2-0 in the 78th minute

Rodgers’ comments highlight the recognition Kewell has gained for his skills and capabilities in the coaching realm. “We’ll see what evolves over the coming days,” he added, indicating that while discussions may be in progress, Kewell remains committed to his current role.

Moreover, Rodgers reflected on Kewell’s previous experiences and his stance on staff pursuing new opportunities. “He’s already managed before, he’s had a taste of it. I’m always one for staff members to go broaden their horizons; I’m very encouraging of that,” he expressed.

Rodgers’ supportive tone suggests a positive working environment and a belief in the professional growth of his team members. This attitude is particularly admirable in the highly because losing Harry would be a blow. He has built a great rapport with the squad.

While Harry Kewell’s potential move to Yokohama Marinos is yet to be confirmed, Brendan Rodgers’ openness and support suggests it could shortly be in the offing.


  1. This is a rerun of the Damien Duff situation from a few years ago , a well liked and respected coach that is captured by other opportunities to further their careers


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