Brendan Rodgers was asked his thoughts on recent comments from an ex footballer who has a wee radio show.

The manager, who has managed at the top level in England was quick to defend the comments that put Celtic and the Scottish game down.

“With all due respect, it’s a lack of knowledge of football”  the Celtic manager concluded.

“We all love to see the Premier League and I was part of it but football is global. With all due respect, Celtic is one of the biggest clubs in the world”

“But if your eyes are only on one league, you tend to ignore what’s around it”

The manager has it spot on as usual.  The EPL hangers on, who brag year after year about the riches they receive and predominantly lose try to talk down our game as if it were nothing at all. Players come to Celtic in spite of their opposition, many players on these clubs books are there because of the opposition.

The ignorance and silliness involved in the latest spat has us laughing out loud and you’ll notice we made a conscious effort not to mention the guilty parties because a) we weren’t sure who they were until we asked google and b) we’re guessing they say this to drum up listeners for their wee show. Good luck to them.


  1. As far as the English Premier League is concerned, it’s best to concentrate on the football, which can be very exciting and entertaining, and ignore the various drones and hangers-on who write or talk about it – with a few honourable exceptions, they’re not worth the time.

  2. I’ve reluctantly watched some games in England. Notable Arsenal v Southampton 5 – 0 ! / Man Utd. v eh ! ! can’t remember. Mundane , boring , fell asleep stuff. I wouldn’t pay to watch that muck even if I could afford it !

  3. george mc- I surveyed Celtic Badges/Celtic Bars+ all my Celtic Views +Supps Organisations and came up with 826 clubs worldwide-perhaps some no longer exist,but it is quite certain it is a huge number-far in excess of most of the English Big Boys. I was astonished at the number in England- there are over 20 in London alone. There are over 60 clubs in the US/Canada- 6 in New York ! I think the club could do more in exploiting the financial potential of this huge fan base. Of course there is the famous Celtic Park atmosphere which surpasses EVERYTHING in the EPL. Jason Cundy is blinded by financial clout-there’s a lot more to football clubs than purchasing power,as Mr Stein so wisely observed- FOOTBALL WITHOUT FANS IS NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The EPL as its now known…based on the NFL branding it overhyped dross…give me la liga any day…a far greater chance of seeing a CL winner while doing so…wait until the Santander marketing gets going in Spain. England are just being England they’re best at everything….

  5. You always hear them talking down the Scottish game.. They don’t give Scottish football a mention in any of their newspapers.. No results nothing.. Even when Scottish clubs are playing European qualifiers they don’t get a mention.. But they compare our league with theirs.. But we don’t have anything like the income that they have… But you never hear them comparing themselves with German or Spanish leagues.. Because they can’t.. These are the countries that lift the European trophies every season.. Funny how they always want Celtic if they want to arrange friendlies though!!

  6. Who is this guy that made the comment never heard of him in my life many people know the name Celtic a club with Morales and values unlike this idiot if the English premiership is such a great league why is the England team shit also it’s that good a league the top players are there not messi even said the English league offers him no challenges but we all know sky is killing football if sky backed the top clubs in the world rather than mediocre league’s then all clubs could compete on a level playing field I wonder many foreign players would be there hh


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