BRENDAN RODGERS has said it’s unlikely that Moussa Dembele will play any part on Sunday against The Rangers if he’s still a Celtic Player.

The Frenchman reported for training today after a night on social media attacking the manager and working his ticket out of Celtic Park.

After just fifteen minutes Brendan Rodgers had a short word with his striker before sending him inside the Lennoxtown facility to take no further part in training so he could protect his squad from negativity ahead of the Derby.

There is still a chance Moussa Dembele leaves Celtic tonight if the club were to somehow find a replacement.

This is what it all hinges on, Dembele wants to go and Rodgers has no real qualms about letting him go – he’s said that for two years BUT not without making sure Celtic don’t suffer as a result.

If Rodgers can’t land a striker he’s happy with in such short notice then the player is unlikely to move.

The mood around Celtic fans now is pretty low with regards to this latest squad stunt with many wanting to see the back of Dembele.


  1. Punt him now, whether we have another striker or not. He is going to spread bad vibes for months.
    The messages should go out loud and clear. This was a horrible transfer window. The club and manager messed up. But from here on in we are committed to the cause and you only pull on the shirt if you are 100% up for it.
    If we are top of the table at Christmas and into Europa league knock out, let’s use the Dembele money to strengthen for next Summer’s CL qualifiers.
    Keep the faith!

  2. Agree ,we don’t need him,have players to fill his spot,what is really annoying is the fact he seemed settled!!!why now discontent all of a sudden,we are creating chances in games,Hamilton and sudova games showed that, hopefully our defensive probs may be starting to be sorted,if BR says he has no qualms about him going,well, what are you waiting for?????

  3. Doesn’t want be there get shot now. But don’t think for a minute he hasn’t left yet because Celtic can’t find a replacement . It’s because in the boards view the money isn’t enough which is fair enough.if the offer was 20 mil plus he’d of been offski.god only knows who the replacement of any will be if Dembele was to go before the nights out.

  4. It’s a bloody mess and an embarrassing situation. I’m bitterly disappointed in dembele with all this social media garbage grow up your not as good as you think you are Charlie big spuds !!

    • 100 percent on that Stevie no we’re near as good as he thinks he is. Injurie prone and who was he before he came to Celtic???. Have to admit things are a bit of a shambles at the minute.

  5. This guy will now be a drain on the dressing room, we should have let him leave yesterday, what’s the sense in keeping this player when he does not want to play for Celtic.

  6. I hear that Tony Watts contract wae St Jonnie is on a shoogly peg too. Why not re-sign him. Champion league scorer with a good pedigree. Swoop for him. Yea I bet my house that the suit’s are pondering that one. Ahh so he wanted to kick the fuc&ing shi7e out of Ghordy Strapon, and couldn’t be bothered wae training in the wet and cold at the auld facilities in London Road. Penny pinching, biscuit tin mentality. No Wonder we can’t hit the grade in Europe after getting St Brendan here.


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