Brendan Rodgers has told Celtic fans that Leigh Griffiths is back in training and has knuckled down to attain the level that’s expected of him.

The manager has been critical of the striker over the past few weeks, pushing the player to look at every facet of not just his game but  his life, in order to be the best player possible for Celtic.

“Leigh’s back training but won’t be available for the game. He’s knuckled down and has been working really well.” said the Irishman.

Leigh is still among Celtic’s top scorers even though he has missed a good chunk of the season, either being on the bench behind Dembele or injured.

If Rodgers can get even more out of the player then it can only be a benefit to Celtic.


  1. I ain’t gonny rock the boat here…but I have to admit that I find this situation with wee Leigh…”strange” to say the least.
    Naturally I have to bow to BR’s in depth knowledge of the matter and his ultimate decision making…but it doesn’t stop me wondering.
    Leigh has always, to my mind, given 100% and has never struggled to keep up in games.
    His work rate…technical ability… and goal scoring prowess is reflected in his stats. so where this comes from has me baffled.
    However…BR is the man and his decision is final…but ah’d love a wee word wi’ him on the subject.
    Onwards and upwards Celtic.

    • I agree with you entirely. Lee puts himself about the park more than Dembele does and creates goal scoring chances for himself and others by his shoot on sight approach. He won the league on his own last year. Before injury this season he was still prolific. As an ex-player myself, I would rather play against Dembele than Griffiths because of his endless harassing.
      Anyway, hopefully we will have both on duty soon and nobody in Scotland will touch us.

  2. Simple m8 hes no he can get more out of him thats in my opinion obvious he no that hes capable if. Much more wen hes back and he will be hell be better than before thats the rodgers effect m8…hail hail??????

  3. Brendan has made his position clear.Leigh has had well publicised problems in the past.and Brendan see’s him week in week out and knows if he is underachieving.He wouldnt be the first Scottish player to lose his way it will do him nothing but good if he gets on the right track

    • Ah’d still love a wee chat wi’ BR…so he can show me where I’m wrong…and tell me tae shut it ..:0)
      Thanks for reply

  4. I think he looses his concentration BR is trying to keep him focused staying away from his old mates and looking after his diet , something happened we have not heard about can be a Celtic Great HH

    • That’s why I’d like a chat wi’ BR Benny…
      Somethin’s no right…that’s all I’m sayin’.
      The wee guy is different class..and Celtic through and through.
      Where this came from has me beat.
      And whilst BR has done an amazing job for us…he’s human as well…
      And humans don’t always get it right.

  5. Scottish players under perform because of our inability to adapt to live breath the game it’s a short career and look at the great players of the best teams in the world . Messi , Ronaldo and the rest monitor what they eat . Sleep as much as they can and above all still admit that they are still learning . How many times do British players think they are the Dogs bollocks


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