UEFA is looking to introduce new plans that could be in place for the 18/19 season where the top four clubs from the leading ranking nations – currently Spain, England, Germany and Italy – would go directly into the group stages every season!

This would leave other countries scrambling for places and having to jump through more hoops just to get there. The richest league would get richer and the poorer leagues would get poorer. This may be the flagship tournament but it is called the CHAMPIONS league and it becomes farcical if you’re allowed to compete in it if you aspire to fourth place in your respective league.

Here are the Celtic manager’s thoughts on the subject –

“I think for European football, they need the big clubs in there. But Celtic is a big club, a huge club.

“I can understand there will powers-that-be who want these clubs in there, but Celtic has the right to be in there. If we are fighting and are a champion, then we have every right to be in there.

“It’s not just for the club, it is for the opposition as well because for them to come to Celtic Park is an experience many great players over the years after spoken about. It is one of the best experiences they have ever had.

“I understand and respect the money in England. I was a part of it for a number of years. I see where that’s at.

“But surely it’s not all about the money. It’s about the prestige and there has to be a door open and a door wide enough for the type of club like Celtic and the great historical clubs of European football.”


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  1. Is it not about time all the countries outside these 4 nations outvoted them and/or protested about this unfair cartel. I no longer watch Champions League as I am bored to death with the same teams dominating this every year.


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