In an era where the allure of top-tier leagues frequently tempts young talents away from their nurturing grounds, Celtic fans may be witnessing a pivotal shift under the guidance of Brendan Rodgers.

The Hoops manager, known for his developmental prowess, is potentially setting the stage for a transformative period at Celtic—one that not only retains but also attracts burgeoning football stars. Central to this paradigm shift is the emerging narrative around Daniel Kelly, a promising young player whose increasing involvement with the first team is emblematic of a broader strategy.

Rodgers, since his re-appointment, has been paying lip service to the idea of youth players making it into the first team but he’s now putting it into action.

3rd March 2024; Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, Scotland; Scottish Premiership Football, Hearts versus Celtic; Daniel Kelly of Celtic raises a hand in apology to the fans

Daniel Kelly stands at the forefront of what could be an exciting time. Traditionally, Celtic’s young prodigies have faced the daunting choice of remaining with the club and running down their contracts before leaving or succumbing to the seductive overtures from clubs in the top five European leagues. However, Kelly’s gradual assimilation into the first team is signaling a clear, tangible pathway to the senior squad for Celtic’s youth—a rarity in recent times.

The potential ripple effects of Rodgers’ approach extend beyond Kelly. Rocco Vata, another promising young talent at Celtic, finds himself at a crossroads with his contract nearing its end. While his situation differs from Kelly’s, the narrative around Kelly’s progression could play a pivotal role in influencing Vata’s decision and those of other young players at Celtic.

Shankland and Daniel Kelly
3rd March 2024; Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, Scotland; Scottish Premiership Football, Hearts versus Celtic; Lawrence Shankland of Heart of Midlothian and Cameron Devlin of Heart of Midlothian tackle Daniel Kelly of Celtic

Rodgers’ strategy could be a game-changer for Celtic in multiple ways. It sends a strong message to the club’s youth ranks that performance and potential are valued. Secondly, it could significantly enhance Celtic’s appeal to external young talents looking for a club that offers both development and exposure.

Moreover, this shift could have far-reaching implications for Celtic’s competitive edge, both domestically and in European competitions. Integrating young, dynamic players into the team could bring a fresh zest and adaptability to Celtic’s play. The focus would then be bringing in first team players who are older and who can mix well with younger talent.

The coming seasons will undoubtedly reveal whether this strategy will redefine Celtic’s identity and attract more young stars to its ranks.


  1. Oh please! Brendan Rodgers has lost a 7-point lead over Rangers in the league and is now 2 points behind. We never know what Celtic team is going to turn out in any game, so let’s get real about this “revolution” of Rodgers. Relegation is more likely the way he has that team playing.

  2. Get real! Brendan Rodgers is a burst baw, completely out of touch, old school, keeps making decisions that divide the dressing room, sticks to his plan even though its obviously not working, players don’t seem to want to play for him, all players are getting worse even though it’s a young team. The players have lost composure, have no confidence, keep missing penalties and are useless at corners and set pieces. This suggests poor coaching and bad man management. The highest paid manager in Celtic’s history.

  3. Wow talk about lack of context.
    Not one youngster would see more than a few minutes if all players were fit. Rodgers has little choice, the regulars have had their games stiffled to fit into Rodgers system.

    I said when he came back Lawell saw Rodgers would do anything to get a job after hid dismal failure at Leicester.
    So Lawell said I will give you the job but you get your head down, don’t rock the boat or make comments to media about lack of transfer window backing.
    Rodgers being the imposter snake he always was took the job where he can put himself back in the EPL shop window.

    There is no other reason he would be bought back after the disgraceful way he departed. Also remember the last time Celtic were playing this form of tepid boring football was in the season Rodgers deserted the ship he sank.

    Even at Liverpool, he had the personnel to win EPL but had his game plan he tried to force on players not built for that style.
    When his plan isn’t working, he is lost throws up his arms and blames the players.
    Why can’t we get good managers?
    Anytime a vacancy comes up we get the same stale names and most of them go elsewhere and fail badly. Newcastle has Man City money but a dud of a manager that we had in the door and luckily dodged that bullet.
    Ange was a blip on an otherwise circus of mediocre managers We’ve had since O Neil left the building.

  4. I wouldn’t say a revolution. There’s obviously problems all over.
    Up top, we probably need a Dir of Football, someone not answerable to Lawwell
    We need a good scouting dept
    We should incentivise the youth players – ie if they do x, y, z, they will get an opportunity. Players, especially youth, respond positively to what they can work towards
    I couldn’t care too much about the mgr. Unfortunately, we don’t have a structure or league to attract top dollar mgrs. And yep, glad we dodged Howe, a shifty character.
    We should also (seems to be most fans wouldn’t disagree) that there is no huge risk in going back to swashbuckling football. Ditch the tiki taki side passing; we’re not Man City or Barca, we can’t outpass top Euro teams. But we can play offensive, attacking free flow football. Do it for the next 8 games. Doesn’t matter if we lose a goal or two. We just need to score more and get this league in the bag


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