The Celtic starting XI is out and it is quite a bold attacking line up.

There is no Jack Hendry in the side today and Benkovic comes back into the fold for the bhoys.

However, one decision has left some Celtic fans a little perplexed.

Mikael Lustig as captain…

The Swede gets the armband today with the current Celtic captain Scott Brown out with an injury.

This has left many confused as Kieran Tierney is on the pitch and is probably Celtic’s next full time captain. Rodgers has decided to go for seniority in this instance after Tierney captained the side during the week.

A lot of fans feel Lustig’s performances have not been up to scratch since even last season so the fact he has been made captain for the day has prompted many to make comment.

Here are just a few Celtic fans having their say.

Lustig has been a great servant to the club but has struggled in recent times. We’re tempted to put a bet on him to score now that people have made a big issue out of the right back starting.


  1. Get a life! I have never seen so many sheep! Do you really all have to follow the media? They have many of you eating out of the palm if their hands. Lustig has had a couple of poor games, but nowhere near what many of you are claiming.
    He is a Celt through and through. He has more great solid performances than most. Get off his case and actually watch him now and again i stead of allowing the bigoted media guide you like blind men!


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